Every genre of art has an outstanding time period of artistic expression that inspires generations and shapes the culture. This movement carries on the tradition of creating masterpieces that will surpass lifetimes. In this moment... It's Golden Era Y'all. 

Writer Chris Cammack, In His Own Words

My name is Christopher Cammack. I’m 35 years old with a few greys hairs peaking out. Now don’t let the greys phase you. I regard them as the physical manifestation of my history -- a history with a deep love for Hip Hop culture. 

If my mum hadn’t bought me  ‘Licensed To ILL’ & ‘Raising Hell’  maybe things would’ve been different. I guess I have her to thank for the path I’m on. The culture has woven it’s way through my childhood, teen years and adulthood. It’s shaped me for better or worse, right & wrong. I’ve seen trends come and go, legends born and lost. My life has been checkered, to say the least, but music has kept me safe and comforted on the darkest days. 

In the last few years, I’ve found my passion.  Writing. Nothing gives me more pleasure. The thoughts that fill my head have a home here. I want to share the gems I discover with you. Knowledge isn’t the sole property of one person. It’s for all. If I co-sign, it you’ll hear about it. That’s my word. I live in the Steel City of Sheffield with a large collection of cds, cassettes and records. Throw in boxes of kicks and you start to get the picture. 

My life is Hip Hop. I am Hip Hop.

Allen York x Trackoholics - Happy Hour EP

Remember how dope it was when Allen York rocked the Golden Era Music Stage at A3C this year? We do too! He's been busy ever since. 

His latest project, Happy Hour EP, dropped today. York supplies the bars and Trackoholics supply the beats. We're always happy to see our family doing good things.

Stream and download the album here: